Baby Pouch

Reversible Minky/Cotton Pouch Sling

Reversible Pouch

 Custom made baby sling. With minky dot fabric and designer cotton print, its 2 slings in 1!
Pouch sling has a neater look than ring slings, and super easy to use. Since this is a reversible minky sling, there is no need for extra padding. It is super comfortable for both you and baby. You can’t go wrong with a pouch sling.

All materials are imported from USA. 

I love making this sling, it is super easy and the product is more than worthwhile. Mishel loves sitting in this supersoft minky pouch..and it doubles up as a blankie too! I wanted something extra special, and those days, there weren’t that many choices for baby slings/pouches available here locally.. So being my typically different self, I chose minky fabric to go with designer cotton. It was perfect! sewing minky isn’t that hard. and most people use it for baby blankets – they are lovely! so put pouch and blanket together – voila! my own creation of a baby pouch..

Minky & Cotton


Removable button cincher


Pouch Set - Pouch, storage bag, cincher


Drawstring Pouch - keep it neat, also use as a bolster in the stroller!



Safety Tips on babywearing:

Safe babywearing should be practised all the time regardless of the type of carriers. Please read a great article on safe babywearing.


Instructions to wear your pouch carrier:

The pouch sling can be worn in many different styles:

  • Cradle carry –

Recommended for newborn up to 4 months when babies do not have a strong head support

  • Front carry –

Recommended for 2-8 months babies with strong head support.

  • Hip carry –

6+ months. Convenient and comfortable for curious wiggly babies, or older toddler because it supports most of the child’s weight on your hip. It is also a natural carrying position and doesn’t strain your back.

There is a great step by step pictorial instruction on how to use your pouch on the hotsling page. Other great reads:



If you have problems wearing your pouch, please do not hesitate to contact us. Initially, babies may cry when being in a sling. Although this may signal discomfort due to incorrect positioning, it can also mean that the baby is just getting used to the sling. Please DO NOT jump to conclusion that your baby doesn’t like being in a sling. Babywearing takes a lot of practice for both mommy and baby.

  • For beginners, please try on a relaxed and contented baby. Baby will be more cooperative when they are happy.
  • If baby continues to fuss, stop and try again later. Keep trying!
  • Try moving around with baby in the sling. Babies love motions.
  • Try a different position.

Back pain? If you are correctly wearing your sling, there shouldn’t be any back pain at all. Please check:

  • slings should rest on your shoulder, not on the crook of your neck
  • the back part of the sling should be spread widely on your back
  • baby’s bottom should be around your navel area and not hanging too low
  • baby’s body should be snug against you and not lean too far back

Also, have a read on some common troubleshooting tips:

Common Sling Problems and Tips for Comfort

Guide for correct positioning your child


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