the darlingsI’m a full time working mommy who can’t sit idle for a minute!System Analyst by the day, crafter at heart. Where do I get the spare time to attend to my crafting itch? I wonder myself! Between my two little darlings and my 6-7 job (that’s how much time I’m away from home everyday!), I wish there were 30hours in a day. Guess I would have to make do with the owl shift when everyone is snug in bed… and I gleefully take out my magic toolbox..or gumpaste kit..

and here is where all my projects will be proudly displayed and bragged. Isn’t that is what blogs are for? Some projects may be considered for sale, just contact me and we’ll see what we can do. Of course, whatever you want will be made to order, brand new, and so, please allow some time for ordering..

It all started with beadings, to tote making.. to dress making.. then it grew into baking.. and fondant & gumpaste cakes.. and my latest craze would be bow making. yes, hair bow for cute little girls.

There are other 2 blogs of mine for selling cottons and hair bows (still under construction). This one will be purely about braggin’ and such..

thank you for visiting.

MY Little Darlings