Strawberry Angel Dessert


My mouth is watering just by looking at the photo above..fond memories of this fresh and delish dessert..What is it? It is a layer of angel food cake, cream cheese, and fresh strawberries. Just like a trifle. Even better if made in a trifle dish, the colors will be so fresh and pretty. A light and refreshing desert. Melts in your mouth. Literally.

Most angel food cake are served with fresh cream and strawberries on the side. This dessert is already layered to perfection, ready to be served, chilled. This was an instant hit with my family, my kids couldn’t get enough of it, even my 94year old grandma couldn’t resist a bite!

I didn’t exactly have a specific recipe apart from the angel food cake. Which, in fact, is the reason I made this. I wanted to try to make the so feared angel food cake, and it was really easy. I found a delicous Angel cake recipe at, and whipped that up. Surprisingly, it was quite easy, even taking it out of the pan. Angel food differs from sponge cakes in that angel food only uses egg white while sponge cakes uses both the whites and yolks beaten separately. Due to the use of only the egg whites, angel food is in fact lighter, and fluffier than sponge cakes. But for this desert, I think they are interchangeable, though the final taste and texture will be slightly different.

I didn’t snap any photos of making the angel food or even the cream mix, because it turned out my camera ran out of battery. *sigh* oh well, I’m sure I’ll be making these again anytime strawberry is abundant, probably with some Korean strawberry next? So suffice it to just provide you a poor quality photo from my not so great phone.

This dessert was inspired by my recent venture in tiramisu (the layering part), and of course, I got some fresh strawberries from Cameron Highlands. Thank you Elzr!

To make the cream cheese

Simply beat in some softened cream cheese, whipping cream, and vanilla until light and fluffy. I didn’t use any exact measurements, but just what I had at the moment. I also omitted any sugar here, since I feel that there’s enough sweet coming from the cake. Mixture shoud be very thick but spreadable.

To make the strawberry glaze

Slice fresh strawberries, boil it with some water – just enough to cover the berries. We don’t want a syrup, but a thick glaze. Add some gelatine or jelly mix, and cook under low heat untik mixture is thick. The berries should be coated with jelly and mixture should be spreadable. Again, I omitted any sugar here. The tartness of the strawberries will be balanced out with the cream and cake. Alternatively, you could make a traditional glaze using water and sugar cooked with strawberries.

Assembling the dessert

Cut the angel food cake into uniform-width slices. Arrange them in the trifle dish. Next, spread the cream cheese mixture evenly covering the cake. Then put the strawberry glaze on top of the cheese mixture. Repeat until you run out of things to pile up. Finish with the cream mixture. Decorate with fresh strawberries and chocolate shavings or sifted cocoa powder. Cover it up, and chill for a few hours before serving.


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