where to start..

it’s been a while, oui? let’s see.. I have lots, and I mean lots of updates to do here, but where do I start? Been quite buzy doing this and that.. and when my thoughts are jumbled up, I always make a list. Yep, I confess, I’m a list-a-holic! SO. here are the things I “need” to update:

1) My tiramisu tutorial

2) A decadent Strawberry Angel Desert

3) In Pursuit of THE vanilla cake

4) Frostings experiment

5) The Little Mermaid – Simply my latest fondant and gumpaste project for my DD 5yrs Birthday. This will be a lengthy one as there are 2 separate projects for 1 occasion! I know. too much.

err… that’s it? 5 entries? and here I thought I have a lot! Maybe because I’ve been procrastinating, and they run back as far as January? See how listing down things simplify even the most erratic thoughts?

Items # 3-5 are actually related, all of them are in preparation for my DD birthday 3 days ago. so I guess that’s where February went! There was a project each weekend.

Stay tuned for my slow updates yeah!

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