So I guess the baking bug has hit me since the new year..all tiny little baking projects keep popping into my head. Last Thursday was a holiday and I felt like Tiramisu. yumm.. (yes this is a belated post, so what else is new?) The whole family is going to be home and it was kinda like a belated birthday for my big brother.. but I forgot and cut the tiramisu myself! hahahaha. oh well. there’s always next year.

Making the tiramisu is surprisingly easy! As all things, it was my first time making one. I rarely repeat projects unless there’s a request, except for my yummylicious chocolate cupcakes, which the kids can’t get enough of. Back to the tiramisu.. didn’t take any step by step photos, just the finished product..didn’t even snap any of the cut cake since was too impatient to try it out.

I made 2 versions: the normal coffee version for us caffeine-holic adults, and a chocolate version for the kids, made in small glasses. I also sprinkled some chocolate shavings on top of the dusting of cocoa powder..mmmm..chocolatey-goodness!

Impatient as I was, I tried the tiramisu before it was ready – just a couple hours of setting in the fridge. FYI, tiramisu needs an overnight in the fridge for the flavors to blend. But who could wait that long, knowing something that yummy was in the fridge? haha. I couldn’t. In anycase, the tiramisu was indeed better the next day! The ladyfingers were perfectly soaked, the cream was perfectly blended with the coffee flavor. Absolutely decadent! As for the kids, the called it cake ice cream – and digged into their glass jars and licked their spoons dry!

Chocolate version: I simply added some cocoa powder to the cream to give it a hint of cocoa flavor. The ladyfingers were dipped into cocoa mixture instead of coffee. Just add some tablespoons of sifted cocoa powder to water. It was an instant hit with the girls.

I practically had Tiramisu for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight snack! small portions of course 🙂 It was that good!

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