Ariel who? Ariel the Little Mermaid, Disney’s princess – for those non-Disney fans or Mommies of troops of little boys who are blissfully unaware of the 7 pretty Disney’s princesses. My first daughter is totally into a mermaid phase for the past 2 months. Eat, sleep, play – Mermaid. Everyday or every other day she wants to watch the movie, and when it finishes, she still wants to repeat. yes, 1.5hrs of mermaid movie almost every day before bedtime. Otherwise it would be the bedtime story – the whole book and nothing but the whole book of The Little Mermaid. I can practically memorize it by now. So does she, and she’s only 4. Sometimes when I’m too tired, I’ll ask HER to read the bedtime story to me. mommy’s a bully? hehehe. Even in the car we hear to the cd version of the story..over and over until we reach our destination; repeat for the trip back. She wants to be a mermaid, wears a tail (a bolstercase turned into a tail), and won’t talk when she’s human!

How overwhelmingly cute can a phase get? She has this barbie Ariel doll that’s her fave at the moment, and yesterday when I got home from work, she wants a handbag for her Ariel. why? to carry a 20cents around! and it has to be new! no old barbie handbag would do. *sigh* Mummy’s tired darling.. but after a quick shower I quickly put something together (with her hovering in the background of course).. used some printed felt..sewed that into the most untidy looking tote.. but 5 minutes later when I presented her the not-so-great-looking small pink purse, the sparkle in her eyes and the huge smile on her face washed away all tiredness!

Now Ariel can go shopping with her 2ocents!


DH: Why does it take you months to sew a button for me, but a minute to do that??!
hehe sorry dearie…
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