fondant cupcakes

How can anyone eat these cuties? I couldn’t! These were made for my SIL’s engagement as a hantaran.. she pretty much left the theme up to me, just gave me a color theme to go by.. I wanted to do gazillion things, but luckily rationale kicked in. It was after all, a formal affair which requires sweet pretty things for people to gawk at. Short of doing kitties or bride & groom figurines, I finally decided on roses. Simple yeah? I mean, who can go wrong with roses? Plus, the urge to make my own gumpaste roses won over the battle. yep people.. these were my first attempt (ever) at making gumpaste roses..

The roses were made 1 week ahead of time to give it time to set and dry – of course,  those chefs would know this. It would also give me some room for error! ha-ha. The first step would be making the rose buds.. these also required 1 night to dry.. if they’re not totally dry when you attach the petals.. disaster! Once dry, they were painted with a deeper color than the petals..just to give some depth effect.

 Next were making the petals.. the fun part! From my research, there were 2 ways to make roses – with a rose cutter, or just free hand shaping. I tried both ways, and found that the free hand method works best for me. The petals were more lifelike, and easier to attach/form into roses. Or maybe because I didn’t use a rose cutter but some other 5-petal flower cutter? hmm.. anycase.. I used teaspoons to give the petals a curved shape before attaching them together. creative huh? 

I glued the petals together using gum glue, shaped them into roses..and let them set  upside down for about 20minutes or as long as it takes for them to set and harden a little bit. Otherwise, if it is in the upright position, the petals will droop and the petals will have large unreal gaps in between. No fancy apparatus needed for this upside down setup.. just some creativity. take a sponge or anything that will hold up the flower, make sure its embedded firmly in the sponge though, otherwise it will slip! hang the sponge- flower side down – on the edge of your working table, and put some weight on one side so it won’t topple over..

This would be my first gumpaste rose.. oh well.. practice makes perfect.. didn’t worry too much since I had like 32 roses to make! Why Yellow? good question. I needed to make gold and cream roses..used lustre dusts since they will give a nice sparkly sheen. and in order to achieve a deeper color, I tinted the dough first so that painting with the dusts would be easier. Another way would be mixing the dusts with some lime juice, and use that to paint. But unless you’re an expert gumpaste painter, this will leave streaks – or maybe only with my colors? not sure. But definitely it will give a deeper hue intense color when used wet. I cheated and tinted the dough instead-much easier!

 The yellow based flowers would be for the gold roses,

and the cream based mini roses would be for the pearly roses.

Painting was done once the flowers are totally dry and hard. This is to avoid breakage and even coloring. In all my research, I didn’t find anything on painting with lustre dust – at what stage to paint etc. Yes, not a good researcher was I? So that’s why I did it like that. I used 2 sizes of brushes – and a real tiny one to get the paint in between the crooks and crannies. Luckily I painted the rosebuds first-it was nearly impossible to color these evenly after the roses take shape. Voila! before and after pics:

before painted

after painted

For totally drying the flowers, I store them in an egg carton, lined with mini cupcakes liners for extra hygenic reasons. I left them for a week till I had the time to paint them! haha. I don’t think it would take that long to dry, normally.

more in the making pics, just because I already took them, might as well display them 🙂

pearl roses

gold roses

tiny daisies insert


OK..Enough with the flowers already. Next – assembling the cuppies. Made white chocolate cuppies – covered with white fondant, then painted lightly with lustre dusts.

Assembling the cakes were pretty much nothing – put in box, arrange the roses.. bla bla bla.. self explanatory… 

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