guilty pleasures..

another belated post…oh my oh my…

 Since its the end of the year and all.. we – all ladies, especially the mommies out there who works 24/7, deserve a day of pampering of the body, mind and soul… (forget about the pocket being empty afterwards, you deserve it! REWARD yourself!)

I’m not the usual spa go-er, I don’t really have that luxury of time and money..but once in a while, what the heck.. the last spa I went was Villamay in Shah Alam.. and oh boy… was it pretty! and of course, service was superb too. Upon arriving at the doorstep – we were of course, confused as it was our first time, seeing a few entrances all linked to one compound… Any-ho.. that first impression got 5stars from me.. I started cam-whoring even before we were greeted by them! The lobby was an outdoor waiting area, surrounded by water, giving you that “island” kinda feeling.. this is where we filled out forms, and picked the products to be used..

Depending on the package chosen, you get to pick your body scrub, massage oil, and bath oil. Nevermind what the spa menu says.. you can truly mix and match to your hearts desire! They let you choose your own thing, so you can even have a chocolate body scrub, followed by a lemongrass massage oil ! weird is that example? Hehe, just to convey how customized it could get. They will let you know the benefits of each oils if you were to ask them.. don’t be shy, just ask away anything. I think they’ve heard it all in their line of work.

Next, we were escorted to our private suites. There are only 2 private suites for whole body treatment-each complete with amenities. The other rooms are for other services such as hair/foot spa. The suite is like a resort of its own; instantly I feel somewhere exotic and far, far away from it all. Silly me, I forgot the name of my masseuse, but she was kind enough to allow me to be weird and dreamy, and cam- whored away! even helped to take my pics. ha ha. she must be thinking, “jakun nye makcik ni!”. The suite was decorated in a Balinese resort theme. There’s a bedroom with a four poster canopied bed – dreamy! From the room, there’s a door to the outdoor bath area. yes, I said outdoor bath – which includes the shower, bath, steam room, and the toilet which is thankfully discreet. Don’t worry, outdoor as it may be, and you can see the sky and trees while having your is still enclosed enough for privacy..It just adds more to that exotic Bali feeling..I will let the pics speak for themsleves.. now lets talk about the treatment..


First, you’ll be given a sarong and a disposable panties – change into that please.. and this is when you would want to go to the toilet so that you can have uninterrupted 3 hours of pampering. Then you’ll have the 15minutes of sauna in a really tiny room.. not the portable saunas where you just sit and they zip up your body in it. But a real room-albeit tiny. Make sure you wash your makeup before this step, and take advantage of the steam just like a facial! I forgot – and I spent the next 15minutes worrying about melted makeup and clogged pores!

After the steamy room, you’ll be guided back into the bedroom for a foot scrub. Or was it the foot scrub first before the sauna?, I forgot! not from lack of impact on the spa part… but it was simply that long ago (2+ months, I think?).. oh well.. after the foot scrub.. onto the bed – its time to scrub away those dead skin cells..slough slough slough.. this lasted for almost an hour I guess.. who’s keeping track of the time? Then, comes the open shower. haha.. I haven’t been bathed by someone else since I was 4 (I think)! So initially it was weird.. but once she started scrubbing my back with a brush.. I forgot to be weird.tee hee.. so wash away those residue.. and step into the scented jacuzzi bath. You’ll be left alone to enjoy your bath and further scrubbing of your own. and stare away at the sky until you turn into a prune. I can never get a shut eye during a bath – I wonder how those people in the movies do it.. oh, of course-it was only a movie, indeed!


Now that you’re squeaky clean, its massage time! Don’t be timid, and just tell the lady how you like your masssage to be- soft, medium, hard… she may be tiny looking, but she’s strong! the pressure never wavered and lessen even towards the end of the 1 hour massage. The massage was relaxing, and soothing. I was about to doze off when time ran out.. sigh.. time’s up.. get up get up! after this, she’ll put body lotion on you..lather you up all over.. and then so soon, its time to dress up and back to reality!

Afterwards, there were refreshments – a yummy cupcake and juice..a perfect ending to a getaway in the city..(don’t think about the hole in your pocket..smiles smiles)

This slideshow requires JavaScript. is a better meal – after all that pampering, my tummy was growling..grrr..

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