to SPANX…or not to SPANX?

well well well.. I’m going to divert from the usual posts on this blog and blabber about the one thing constantly bugging our women minds : having smashing bods! (wishing – in my case)

SPANX seem to be gaining popularity here among the tons in Malaysia. Not to be left behind, after several weeks (months) of contemplating, I decided to try it out myself. After all, these spare tyres aren’t magically going to disappear and I’m too otherwise occupied to physically exert myself (plainly: l-a-z-y!). I tried the new SPANX Higher Power brief instead of the popular In-Power Line Higher Power. 

SPANX Higher Power Brief

 The Verdict:

The item promises so much when you read raves and reviews. Material is very nice-soft and it follows your body, so you will not get the ‘stiff’ look one gets when wearing a bodysuit. It is comfortable, no pinching, and YES, you can breathe easily in it! (maybe not after 10 open houses during Raya). I haven’t really tried it in the outdoors in broad sunlight, but indoors, it is not hot at all in our climate.It is comfortable. truly. and its not hard to put on-you just have to wiggle a bit when pulling it up.

Now, if you are like me, and wondering if their sizechart is true to your fit.. well, I used the chart and ordered a size B. I am not on the borderline or grey area either. Sure, it feels great on my flabby midsections. But I think I should have ordered a size down for that extra cinch..since this size doesn’t really do much for me.. or maybe not for fear of looking like a sausage? OR, and this is a BIG ‘OR’ , my spare tyres and bulging love handles are simply not big enough for this great product. (ha-ha!)

Seriously though, I do notice a difference of before and after wearing it, (minimal as it may be – for me). And therefore, I do recommend this to anyone who wants a firmer looking silhoutte. Note that I said a ‘firmer looking’ – this is because that’s what it does. It will not eliminate all those fatty cells in you! (dream on!) but definitely it will make you looking great in form fitting clothes, from baby tees to kebayas. No more unsightly bulges and pouches under clothes. Great for functions when you need the extra ‘help’.


Updated – 2nd review: SPANX In-Power Line Super Higher Power

SPANX In-Power Line Super Higher Power


oh my.. W.O.W! was the first word I could utter. This is even better than the brief. Midriff control is really amped up, but it is still very comfortable to wear. No rolling of top band, or rolling up of the pants band! This is my favourite SPANX at the moment. no more muffin tops ya’ all! FIRM and lighter is the keyword when you put this baby on. Tried indoors and outdoors all day long- comfy comfy comfy! even stayed put with a wiggling toddler in my arms, bending down every 10minutes to pick her up, squatting down to put on the kids shoes, carrying the little one all over..washing off vomit of off me (yeah!).. it behaved! and not only on one occasion.

no more thinking and considering. There’s only 1 way to find out – GO AHEAD AND BUY IT! try it for yourself, and you’ll see what the rave is all about. No amount of reading reviews can do you justice. You’ll know when you wear it. THEN, you won’t be able to leave home without it.

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2 Responses to to SPANX…or not to SPANX?

  1. Sherleyn says:

    ASSETS Fantastic Firmers High Waist Girl Short
    ASSETS High-Waist Shaper with Built-in Panty
    SPANX Higher Power brief

    Hi Molly, i am interested in the products above. May i know the price and how long does it take for delivery? Also, do you know if which is better or is there any difference between the last 2 items on my list? Thanks! Sherleyn

    • littledarlings says:

      Hi Sherlyn,
      I would say SPANX is definitely better – holding power and comfort wise.ASSETS does not hold you in as much, but it still does its job, considering the more economical price.
      Delivery would take around 4weeks to get to you. If you are serious, I will PM you the price ok. thanks!

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