lovely..breathtaking..drop dead gorgeous!

those were the words that came to mind whenever I see a petti. Amidst the complaints and comments I read that making a pettiskirt is tough, I went ahead and made 2 (yes, not 1!) for my darling daughters. bought yards of dreamy chiffon straight for the US since I can’t seem to find any nylon chiffon here in Malaysia. Most don’t even know what it is, or maybe its called by a different name here. oh well. not that patient to wait around.

Actually these were completed in 2 weekends (1 weekend each skirt) some months ago.. but being my usual procrastinating self, I waited until after dear darling’s birthday last July 11 to publish.. (yes, and what date is this post? procrastinate is the keyword here!). Sewing it was surely tedious, but definitely fun. endless rows of nylon chiffon turned into dreamy skirts stage by stage.

Since I can’t say anything more, this post will be just about lots of photos of pettis. yeay! have fun drooling over them 😛

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just in case any of you are wondering, YES, I may be able to sew one for you. but since this is definitely a work of labor, you have to allow for 6 weeks of ‘processing’. That means I will only deliver your order 6 weeks after full payment is made.
This is to incorporate the time it takes for materials to arrive here from US which itslef takes 2-3 weeks, and me putting it together…which is pretty much subjective 🙂
Price? It varies with sizes (6months – 6years only), and depends on the USD, but it will be around RM250-RM300 (for exchange rate USD1=MYR3.2). Colors? Variety.  Please contact me for further details.
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