Storage pincushion tutorial


Items needed:

1) Baby food jar (or any other jar)
2) A piece of fabric – enough to cover jar’s lid + 2″
3) Some batting/sponge
4) Thread, Glue Gun
5) Embellishments-ribbons, trims, buttons, etc.


Making the pin cushion

1) Measure your fabric around the lid, cut with about 2″ around it. The wider you cut, the bigger your cushion will be.

2) Sew a running stitch around the fabric, making sure you backstich on one end, and leave a trailing thread on the other for pulling.

3) Pull the thread as you would when making ruffles/gathers. Your fabric should look like a ‘bowl’.

4) Stuff batting into it. Make sure it is full and snug with no empty/hollow spaces. For this tiny project, I simply use cotton – BUT make sure you don’t get it wet!

5) Pull the thread tightly aroung the batting, shaping the cushion as you go. Adjust it to fit your jar lid, size varies as you prefer. Then, stick the cushion to the lid with a hot glue gun. Press firmly and set aside.

6) Embellish your jar as you’d like with ribbons, buttons, trims, etc.

Now you’ll have a cute storage pincushion – the jar to safely keep all the pins when not in use.
The jar is pretty handy, you can keep buttons, needles, closures, and all other small knick knacks we sewing divas have lying aroung the sewing box. So have a go and make a themed set!

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