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  So.. where did I disappear to? It has been a busy month, granted.. last week I went to JB for a conference, and sure enough, took the oppurtunity to go to Singapore. Whereabouts? The famous Arab Street, of course. Upon first impression, the so called Arab Street of textile heaven could not even compare to our Jalan TAR. BUT, and it is a big ‘but’, you would not find the same selection of fabrics here. This is true especially for cottons, they really do have 100 times more options, AND, definitely cheaper.

So I got really cross-eyed looking at miles and miles of cotton.. I would have bought a whole shop’s worth if not for hubby dearie 😛 So managed to grab a few lovely cottons for my girls on a slender budget… of course, I am still dreaming of the ones that I didn’t buy! hahahaha…

 I also found many eyelet fabrics (swiss cotton embroidered fabrics) in Singapore, with a reasonable price. They are truly gorgeous, but I already bought some in KL, so have to forego those..This is what I got for a good bargain:


eyelet 1eyelet 2









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