Trims Trims Trims! trims

In the heart of sewing dresses for my 2 darlings, I couldn’t help myself to lots and lots of ribbons, laces, and ric racs. At first, I really don’t know where to look for ric racs off hand, so got my fingers to do the work.. found an Australia based online store which ships to Malaysia. They have extensive pretty trimmings that makes you drool.. have a look at http://www.ribbonjar.com. Prices are slightly higher though. Also found a US based online store that does bulk orders. So if anyone is interested, maybe we could do ‘pool ordering’ and save some on shipping, yeah? The site is http://www.jkmribbon.com

Short of ordering from them, I tried my luck at my favourite craft shop in SS2, and another in Puchong, and more or less got what I wanted eventhough choices of colors are limited. 

I guess I went a little bit overboard with these embellishments..but oh well.. they are sooo pretty I could just buy ’em all and keep ’em in a box just to look at!

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