HD Sleeve

Portable Hard Drive Sleeve

from MYR 30.00HD Sleeve 2

Stylish and sleek. Flash your passion for design. All the rave about laptop sleeves, well, I’ve decided to create a mini hard drive sleeve. Designed to protect your precious data storage from scratches and mild impact, the sleeve also has an internal pocket to store usb cables or even your thumb drives. With a snap button closure, and slightly padded for that extra protection, this hard drive sleeve is truly the other unique option than boring off the counter pouches..

Made with 100% cotton print, it is durable and washable. You can match it to your HD, and even better, custom made it to your HD size.  The sleeve also has coordinating  internal cotton print lining and embellished with a cute button (optional). Make it cute, make it chic, make it macho, make it urban, your choice, but it will surely be stylish. Own yours today, or get it as a gift for that someone.


Dimensions: 4.5″ W x 6″ L x 1″ D (fits standard 3.5″ hdd)


Item on display is made from 100% cotton  imported designer fabric.
**Note: More fabric selections coming soon. I am in the midst of ‘fabric inventory’ updating. stay tuned.


Click to enlarge:

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