1st birthday

Mishel's birthday

Happy 1st birthday Mishel!

July 11th

My 2nd darling’s birthday. She’s 1 year old? So fast! Where did the time go? It felt just like yesterday we brought her back from the hospital.
We had a superb party at a hotel for hi-tea. Food was abundant and we totally stayed till 5! Worth every penny 😛 Cake was superb and simply too cute to cut into.

And the best of it all, I got to sew my very own party pouch!
Yeah that’s right.. During the planning, when I was surveying for that perfect party goodies bag, nothing suits and the price? I mean, I really could make a nicer, better ones than what they have on the market, and save some bucks. So why not? Friday night (yeah, ’tis was the night before the party!) I burnt the midnight oil and sew some party pouches for all my nieces and nephews (lucky me there aren’t too many of them!)

Here they are, all filled and good to go! Oh, did I mention they are reversible? Awesome huh? 1 pouch with 2 looks..Also, the pretty tie ribbon completes the look. 



So what’s inside? Let’s take a peek…


birthday pouch

I totally forgot to put in the teddy bear chocolates I was keeping in the fridge! 😦 Oh well, more chocolates for big sis!


More details on the party pouch here

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1 Response to 1st birthday

  1. nurul says:

    superb goodies bag!!!

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