beadwork 1c

raya raya raya…! time to get those beads to coordinate with all the new kebaya/ baju kurung.

I use to balk at the rate people charges to add beadworks to the clothes. I mean, they don’t look that hard to do, right? So one fine day, I went out to get some matching beads and without any basics on sewing beads (ever) mind you, started to sew away on my kebaya. Here’s my first ever try at beadworks some years ago. Not too shabby huh?

 It’s not that complicated, for those of you who wants to try. Start with a simple design. You just need a lot of time and patience  🙄  and it will definitely put a strain on those eyes, so good posture and lighting are essential. I definitely understand why some people charge  so much, and some overcharge, so go ahead and save a couple of bucks by sewing them yourself. Trust me, its not that hard!

beadwork 1dbeadwork 1b

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