baju kurung

Hari Raya is around the corner… bajukurung1

Well, not really.. but it is just 2+ months away.. time to get those baju raya orders on the way..tick tock..

Our boutique will be accepting orders for girls’ baju kurung (6M to 6Y).

You supply your own fabrics of course.


We recommend that you do your own measurements for that perfect fit, because we know each child is different and unique 🙂

So take out those tape measure and start measuring. Here are the measurements that we need:

  1. Around the neck – measure comfortably loose; imagine when you button up the collar of the baju kurung, you don’t want it to be tight
  2. Shoulder to shoulder – Shoulders width
  3. Chest – measure around the fullest part of the chest, just below the armpit
  4. Shoulder to knees – for length of the baju
  5. Around the wrist – exact measurement please
  6. Around the armpit – exact measurement please
  7. Waist – Waistband will be elastic, so exact measurement is fine
  8. Hip – with diapers on if applicable
  9. Waist to Heel – for length of the kain

Submit your measurements to

Fabric may be mailed to us, or you can drop it off yourself. Drop off /pick up points are at Bangsar, Puchong, and KLIA area. Please contact us for further details.


Workmanship costs: MYR35.00 – MYR 50.00 (depends on size)

Postage will be calculated based on your order, but it will be less than MYR10.00. FOC for self pick up.

Additional notes

Basic set of baju kurung collar finish is the “mata lalat” stitch.

We also do beadworks for the collar for an extra MYR15.00

If you desire some beadworks on the baju itself, we may be able to fulfill your request at a cost. For example. the price for the bunga lalang design in the picture here is about MYR30  – MYR60 depending on the size. This cost includes beadings for the collar.

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6 Responses to baju kurung

  1. Surpriseeee... says:

    Unfortunately I have 2 boys and would miz the opportunity for the lovely baju kurung. Do you have any plan to cater for Baju Melayu in the near future?hehe..

  2. Ida says:


    do you still accept baju kurung orders for 2yo?

  3. sayang says:

    hy sis…
    my cousin is really like this cute girl…
    if u dun mind,can i just give u the fabrics and based on her(the cute baby up there)
    pleaseeee….as a birthday gift….

    • littledarlings says:

      Hello there,
      Sorry for the late response as I was out of town for a whole week. I’ve replied personally to your email. I would need to know when would you want the gift to be ready? tq.

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