baby sling

Reversible baby pouch with minky and pretty cotton print.Reversible Pouch

Designer fabric 100% cotton-minky reversible baby sling. Use it minky side in for ultra comfort for baby, and chic print on the outside. Or, minky side out to feel the luxurious soft material against your skin when cradling baby.

Custom made to fit your body. Includes a practical drawstring bag to stow the pouch and a handy removable strap to keep the sling neat when wearing it!

Minky is the oh-heavenly-soft material usually found in baby blankets. Your baby will love this sling, as it doubles up as a blanket for those trips to shopping malls or simply in the car. No need to carry additional blankets, heavens there are too many things to carry already! When rolled up in the drawstring bag, voila! a mini bolster..perfect for overnight trips…no more lugging pillows around.

Mix and match materials for a truly unique sling! Options available in the Sling page. Prints are designer fabrics from the US, and all imported materials! 

Minky & Cotton

Minky & Cotton

Pouch Set

Pouch Set

Drawstring Pouch

Drawstring Pouch

Removable straps

Removable straps



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2 Responses to baby sling

  1. Niki says:

    Are you still making the Minky Baby Slings? If so, how much are they?


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